Saturday, April 13, 2024

‘Greatest game ever!’ says guy who watched last night’s World Series contest on mute

One viewer lucky enough to watch Thursday night's insanely entertaining World Series Game 6 on mute -- devoid of McCarver and Buck -- believed he had just witnessed the greatest sporting event of all time.

Wrigleyville street vendor burns Pujols-mocking T-shirts

“I could have donated them, but I didn’t feel like dragging them all to the Brown Elephant,” Vaughn said.“ Looks like my only hope for a profitable 2012 would be if the Cubs could sign Yu Darvish.”

Cardinals fan admits it’s easy to self quarantine because there is nothing to do...

The stay at home order imposed on many Americans comes easier to some than to others.

StL conspiracy theorists blame Cubs for Cards’ Covid-19 outbreak

Some of the self-proclaimed "best fans in baseball" are convinced there's more than meets the eye behind their favorite team's major Coronavirus outbreak.

Cardinals now have to play 55 games in 40 days

After their three-game series against the Cubs was canceled, the Cardinals now have to play 56 games in 40 days in order to complete the shortened season on time.