Sunday, February 25, 2024

Michael Sam expected to become first openly gay NFL player to cheat on his...

Sam, the first openly gay player ever drafted, is expected to find somebody else during the first month of the season between divisional road games against either Arizona and Seattle.

Totally straight guy who hooks up with ‘tons of hot chicks’ says he’s OK...

“Look dudes. You guys know the Brycenator totally scores with all kinds of beautiful babies. I mean I am like the biggest tail hound out there. I'm just a freaking wizard with all the sexy women. Also, I’m not gay.”

Howie Long admits Kyle has always been his favorite son

"I hope Kyle kicks Chris's butt," said Howie. "I've always liked Kyle more. He's just like me, only without the crappy movies like the ones I did. Chris is more like that comedian on Fox's pregame show ... lame and no talent."

Concussions and ACL injuries force NFL tacklers to focus on the balls

"Shots to the knees shorten careers while headhunting leads to long-term CTE issues," said NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith. "But your testicles? What's the worst that can happen, low sperm count?"

49ers-Rams tie fuels American interest in soccer

As both teams fought hard to the end with nobody being the clear victor, NFL fans realized such drama is possible in nearly every soccer game ever played.

Browns trade next 4 first-round picks and Lake Erie to Rams in exchange for...

In an unprecedented trade, the hapless Cleveland Browns have swapped four first-round draft picks and “a body of water to be named later” in exchange for the second pick in this year’s NFL draft—currently...

Reasons other Midwest NFL cities aren’t being considered for Monday night’s Bears-Vikes game

As the Vikings scramble to prepare the University of Minnesota's undersized stadium for Monday night's game against the Bears, many football observers are wondering why the contest won't be held at one of the several other Midwestern NFL stadiums. Turns out each has a reason it can't host the game.