Saturday, November 26, 2022

Blackhawks’ summer celebration rudely interrupted by prompt start of NHL season

“I was over at Wrigley enjoying my usual on-the-house Stanley Cup full of Old Style when I was told there was a practice or something?” said Sharp. “So I ran right over. Well … finished what was left. Then took a cab.”

What have your favorite Blackhawks players done with the Stanley Cup?

Your 2013 NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks were certainly characters on the ice. Naturally, you are probably wondering what all those guys are doing with the Stanley Cup? The Heckler is here to help.

NHL salary cap lowered to $9.50 per hour

Players will also be responsible for providing their own equipment and a car-pool program has been set up for traveling to games. It is not yet known if drivers will receive an allowance for gas money.

White Sox and Toronto cancelled due to Stanley Cup Game 1

“And since those yahoos at Yahoo Sports are all picking Boston to win the Cup, the Sox have to be at the UC to bring good karma and show our support in full force.”

Roberto Luongo apprehended outside United Center while wearing Jonathan Quick mask

As everyone would come to find out, it actually was not Quick manning the net for the Kings in Game 2. A lowly-paid janitor discovered Quick tied up and gagged in the bowels of the United Center shortly after the final horn sounded.

Quenneville, Toews celebrate 1st seed lock with angry staring contest

“We were all out on the ice and I don’t think anybody noticed until the smoke started pouring out of their ears,” said Duncan Keith. “Somebody said coach’s mustache grew by like an inch at one point.”

Daniel Sedin edges out brother Henrik to win Best Actor award

"A lot of you probably thought I wouldn't be here tonight because of the way I collapsed to the ice this afternoon in Detroit," said Sedin during his acceptance speech. "But that was just acting!"