Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Firefighters spray flame retardant chemicals on downtown Vancouver in preparation for Kings’ sweep

The city of Vancouver is taking the unusual precaution of spraying flame retardant chemicals on its entire downtown area should the city's unruly citizens react violently if the Canucks are swept out of the playoffs by the Kings Wednesday night.

NHL refuses to punish Keith for dirty Sedin hit: ‘It’s something we’ve all wanted...

"There's no one associated with this league -- from Gary Bettman on down to each and every hockey fan out there -- who's not wanted to wallop a Sedin brother in the head at some point," said Shanahan. "It's something we've all wanted to do and Duncan got to live out everyone's fantasy last night."

Heckler Pic: Can’t make Luongo cry if Luongo is hiding on bench!

The Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Vancouver Canucks this evening. Naturally, Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo will be on the bench.

Blackhawks to refund all fans who stayed until the end of Sunday night’s Canucks...

Blackhawks fans excited to see their team exact revenge on the hated Canucks for last season's playoff elimination were severely disappointed Sunday night as Chicago laid an egg and was blown out 6-2 on their home ice. But there is a bit of a silver lining for those who watched it in person.

Bettman folds Canucks as Vancouver ‘again proves itself unworthy of an NHL franchise’

Bettman made the announcement from a limousine in downtown Vancouver that was being rocked back and forth by a few dozen local hooligans Wednesday night.

Canucks fans, players and front office excited to whine their way into second round

After a thrilling first-round OT Game 7 win in Vancouver over the Blackhawks Tuesday night, the Canucks and their fans said they are really excited to be whining their way into the second round where their incessant complaining and bellyaching is sure to annoy the crap out of Nashville, their next opponent.

Henrik Sedin quits hockey to pursue Olympic diving

The Vancouver Canucks were dealt a huge blow Tuesday afternoon when superstar center Henrik Sedin announced he is quitting hockey to pursue his true passion: diving.