Blackhawks fans excited to see their team exact revenge on the hated Canucks for last season’s playoff elimination were severely disappointed Sunday night as Chicago laid an egg and was blown out 6-2 on their home ice. But there is a bit of a silver lining for those who watched it in person.

“We’re giving a full, 100 percent refund to any fan who stuck it out until the final horn,” said President and CEO John McDonough. “Even I left with 10 minutes remaining in the third and I’m paid to be there so people who plunked down their hard-earned cash and stayed until the end deserve to have it returned to them after that disaster.”

McDonough said fans shouldn’t get used to this sort of treatment, however. In the future, blowouts will be met with a beatdown of the opposition’s star players at the very least.

“We wouldn’t be giving refunds if anything redeeming would have come from this game,” said McDonough. “Maybe if John Scott remembers how to skate again we would have sent him out to demolish a Sedin brother. No refunds if that happens because we feel watching Daniel or Henrik getting punched in the face is worth the price of admission alone.”