Thursday, February 29, 2024

Canucks to play all of Game 7 with goalie pulled

With their number one goalie shell-shocked and backup injured, the Canucks have decided to go sans netminder for the series-deciding game against the Blackhawks Tuesday night in Vancouver.

John Scott to wear Kane’s jersey and skate on knees in hopes Canucks will...

Frustrated after watching the Canucks slash and hit smaller players but skate away from enforcer John Scott, the Blackhawks are going to pull the old switcheroo.

Bolland suggests concussions for teammates after huge Game 4 performance

Blackhawks center Dave Bolland powered his team to a big 7-2 win over Vancouver Tuesday night, staving off playoff elimination for at least another day. It was Bolland's first game in more than a month after he was forced to the sidelines with a concussion. He's now recommending the same thing for his struggling teammates.

Desperate Blackhawks call up mysterious prospect Bustin Dyfuglien

After losing their first two playoff games to the hard-hitting Canucks, the Blackhawks have gone to the well and activated unknown prospect Bustin Dyfuglien.

Sedin twins spotted at mall wearing matching sweaters their grammy knitted for them

Vancouver's high-scoring twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin powered the Canucks to the league's best record this season, but underneath it all, they're a pair of softies as evidenced by their recent appearance at a mall wearing matching sweaters their grandmother knitted them.

Blackhawks opponents resort to hair pulling

The Blackhawks met their potential first round playoff rival at the United Center Sunday, and the Canucks sent back a clear message, "We are not above fighting like school girls if it helps us win."