After losing their first two playoff games to the hard-hitting Canucks, the Blackhawks have gone to the well and activated mysterious prospect Bustin Dyfuglien.

“I’m just happy to get some playoff action this season,” said Dyfuglien, who speaks with an odd accent that blends Minnesota, Chicago and just a touch of the South. “I got the call from Chicago so here I am.”

Dyfuglien, whose friends call him Big Duff, will join the Blackhawks in time for Sunday night’s Game 3 with the Canucks.

“The Blackhawks need a big body in front of the net so it might as well be me,” said Dyfuglien. “Lord knows it’s not going to be John Scott.”

The Canucks, meanwhile, are crying foul, claiming Dyfuglien is actually last year’s Stanley Cup star Dustin Byfuglien. Due to salary cap concerns, Chicago traded Byfuglien to Atlanta this off-season.

“It’s clearly just Byfuglien in a wig and fake mustache,” said Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo, who surrendered six goals to Byfuglien in last year’s playoffs. “The guy’s been in my nightmares for nearly a year now so if the league lets him play I just know I’m going to have another crying meltdown again.”