Cubs fans will now have more ways to watch the game. The team has designed a unique application for iPhone users to maximize their experiences when coming to the ballpark.

“What makes this app unique, is that it is only functional for fans inside the Friendly Confines. Fans can get real-time weather updates, hear the pronunciation of players’ names, and get information on where the ball is in play,” said Cubs IT director James Barrows, wearing a Cubby blue turtleneck in a recent demonstration of the application for the media.

The Cubs promotions office commented, “We are meeting the needs of that growing demographic who may leave their homes to enjoy social experiences like a ballgame, but may not feel comfortable communicating with those around them with traditional eye contact, conversation, or viewing live events without the assistance of technology.”

The app allows fans to get play-by-play action, vendor updates, and news about special promotions while enjoying a game at Wrigley. The application is activated when entering the gate for a one game fee of $5.99 to a fan’s iTunes account.

“The vendor alert rocks. I know at least twenty seconds before everyone around me whether the beer guy has Bud Light or Old Style Light,” said season ticket holder Kevin Parker.

Bleacher fan Ashleigh Loren also gave the app a thumbs up.

“I love the play-by-play function,” she said. “I know exactly where the ball is on the field without having to glance up from updating my Facebook status announcing to my friends that I am totally at Wrigley watching the game.”

By Marci Rubin