After a thrilling first-round OT Game 7 win in Vancouver over the Blackhawks Tuesday night, the Canucks and their fans said they are really excited to be whining their way into the second round where their incessant complaining and bellyaching is sure to annoy the crap out of Nashville, their next opponent.

“We’re looking forward to playing the Predators,” said Canucks GM Mike Gillis, who Monday complained to the media that officials were to blame for their team’s near epic playoff collapse rather than poor play by his team. “They’ve got no idea the level of crybaby competition they’re in for.”

Gillis went onto to praise his team’s fans, who viciously booed and taunted referees anytime they didn’t get the call they want, no matter how obvious it was the rulings were correct.

“You’ve got to love a fan base so one-sided they cheer every single hit one of our guys puts on the opposition while booing even light contact by the other team on one of our weepy-eyed players,” said Gillis. “Most of our fans are as crazy as me to think a clean hit to a player with the puck is worse than an elbow to the head of a defenseless player without the puck.”

Added Gillis: “Whaaa whaaa whaaa!”