Jerry Angelo’s reputation for overseeing poor drafts is sure to continue at least another year as the Bears GM learned just a few hours ago that the 2011 NFL Draft is being held this evening.

“Are you sure the draft is tonight?” asked Angelo when a reporter called him to gain some insights into the Bears’ strategy. “Why would we have a draft when there’s a lockout? Seems weird if you ask me.”

Having done no research, Angelo was forced to scramble. He Googled “Bears 2011 NFL Draft” to see who insiders felt his team should take.

“Apparently some guy named Mel Kiper thinks we should take Derek Sherrod,” said Angelo. “But this Sherod guy plays offensive line, and I think we’re set there.”

Instead of relying on expert opinion, Angelo said he would probably wind up drafting someone with a funny last name or maybe another guy who can jump out of a pool.