Thursday, February 29, 2024

Bryce Harper out for Game 4 after using shampoo without conditioner

The Cubs' path to the NLCS just got a bit easier after Nationals' superstar, Bryce Harper, was scratched from the lineup for game 4 Tuesday after sustaining a shower-related injury in which he used shampoo that didn't contain conditioner.

Snyder tells Washington Post it can call team ‘Big Reds’ if that’s better

“Fine, if they don’t want to call my team ‘Redskins,' I totally understand,” Snyder said in a team press release. “They can at least compromise by using other references I’ve offered.”

Tone-deaf Snyder calls U.S. Patent Office ‘a bunch of Indian givers’

"We've held this trademark for generations," said Snyder. "You can't just give it to us and then take it away like a bunch of Indian givers."

Dan Snyder trademarks the name ‘Scalper Warriors’

Moving forward, Snyder hopes that the team once known by the horribly offensive moniker of Redskins can now be called the "Scalper Warriors who do battle with the spirit warriors of the Cowboy, Giant and Eagle Tribes."

Kirk Cousins really nervous after getting simultaneous Facebook friend requests from Snyder, Shanahan and...

Although the Redskins were expected to contend for a division title this year, the season has seen double-digit losses and constant infighting between Snyder, Shanahan and RG3. A nervous Cousins addressed the situation.

Cubs trade average player with super-hot wife to the Nationals

The Kim DeJesus era has come to an untimely end as her marginally talented husband David was dealt to the Nationals Monday afternoon.

Tone-deaf Snyder and NFL change name to ‘Washington D.C. Redskins’

"We admit it -- the last name was just 'not right' as so many people have claimed," said Snyder. "Is the team from Seattle or something? Washington simply wasn't clear enough."