Redskins backup QB Kirk Cousins found himself in an awkward situation this weened when he turned on his MacBook and saw that Redskins owner Dan Snyder, head coach Mike Shanahan and starting QB Robert Griffin III had all sent him Facebook friend requests at the same time. Cousins was originally brought into Washington as an insurance plan in case RG3 became injured. As a result of injuries to Griffin the last two years, Cousins has played more than might have been expected for a back-up QB.

Although the Redskins were expected to contend for a division title this year, the season has seen double-digit losses and constant infighting between Snyder, Shanahan and RG3. A nervous Cousins addressed the situation to the media.

“Sure, it’s great to get so many friends on Facebook, but do I have to like everybody?” asked Cousins. “Plus, if I agree to ‘Like’ Coach Shanahan, then he’s already recommending I become friends with his son Kyle, our offensive coordinator. Truthfully, I was just looking to add some Wall Candy or play ‘Pirates vs. Ninjas.’”

Along with the friend request from Dan Snyder was an invite to new game of Words with Friends where all Cousins had to do was fill in the blanks: “FIRE MIKE SHANAH_N”

As if this wasn’t enough pressure for the overwhelmed QB, RG III’s father sent Kirk a note along with his son’s Facebook request, stating that if Kirk didn’t complete the “Honesty Box” and say that RG3 was the best QB ever because of how great his dad was, that there was going to be trouble.