Saturday, December 5, 2020

Fenway centennial celebration marred by impromptu drama of Red Sox Titantic reenactment

As Fenway Park commemorated its 100th anniversary last weekend, Red Sox Nation’s adulation turned to horror on Saturday when their beloved BoSox took the enthusiastic crowd on a metaphorical trip back to 1912 and reenacted what appeared to be their own spontaneous interpretation of the voyage of the ill-fated Titanic.

Cubs surprised how much new reliever from Boston looks like Chris Carpenter

According to Epstein, when Bowden arrived in Chicago, he learned both pitchers are six-foot-four, 220 pounds and have eerily similar throwing motions. Oddly, both answer to the name "Chris" or "Carp."

Red Sox players: ‘No chicken, no wins!’

"You can't blame them for leaving," said a Boston Red Sox player who asked not to be named. "You grow up eating fried chicken before, during, and after ballgames. And now, it's all gone."

Red Sox CEO will personally ruin your dinner plans as Theo compensation if he...

“We all have to bear this time of transition together,” said Ricketts. “Also, to be clear, he’s only getting the names of Cubs fans we haven’t already sold to advertisers. Ten-thousand of you are named ‘Reebok’ now, by the way.”

Bobby Valentine thrilled about acquiring the wrong Chris Carpenter

The Red Sox finally received compensation for Theo Epstein from the Cubs in the form of a right handed pitcher named Chris Carpenter – unfortunately nobody told new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine the it wasn’t the Cy Young-winning Chris Carpenter.

Yanks get Hendry as Theo compensation for Red Sox

The Cubs and Red Sox today agreed on compensation for Theo Epstein, sending hapless former Chicago GM Jim Hendry to the Yankees where he'll wreak havoc in the Boston rival's front office for the next five to 10 years.

Epstein compensaton settled as Soriano to become Red Sox groundskeeper

"I am so excited," said head groundskeeper Keith Graham. "To get that kind of knowledge about the ivy is priceless. Every time I watched a Cubs game, I would see Soriano digging in and sprucing up the foliage."