Notre Dame alum Jack Patterson has gone on the record to say that this year, 2016, is the year that Notre Dame is primed to break through and not only make their first Final Four appearance since 1978, but to win the whole thing for the first time in school history. Patterson, who recently placed a bet on this outcome and who also hasn’t watched a single game of college basketball since Notre Dame’s Elite 8 loss to Kentucky last March, says that he is certain of his prediction because, in his words, “The Irish are due!”

“Listen, think about it, [2015 2nd round NBA pick] Pat Connaughton is a monster on the boards, and [#19 overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft Jerian] Grant’s just the kind of player to put us ahead of the rest of the field.┬áJust ask around, everyone knows that this year is the best crop of players we’ve had in a long time.”

Patterson did admit to having some concerns about his prediction.

“Listen, I get it, anything can happen in a single elimination tournament, but on paper, the Irish are looking pretty good at the moment.”

When asked if he was worried about any particular team matchup, Patterson told media sources, “Well, honestly, the only team I think has a chance to take us on is North Carolina, especially if [Charlotte Hornets forward Tyler] Hansbrough catches fire.”

Jeff GoodSmith