Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said having Donald Trump publicly criticize his family on Twitter for funding an opposing campaign was “surreal,” adding that he was afraid of the notorious bully/real estate mogul/reality TV star turned presidential candidate. Ricketts did let it slip that he was planning a  promotion to give away 30,000 “Make America Great Again” hats at an upcoming game at Wrigley.

“Those are Trump hats? I had no idea,” said Ricketts. “Totally random. How can you argue with they say? We all want to make America great again, right?”

When asked if he thought Trump would ease off this criticism of the Ricketts and the supposed secrets his family has, Ricketts responded with a shrug.

“I guess you could appease an egomaniac like Trump by handing out 30,000 hats with his slogan on them, but that’s not the sort of thing my family would do.”