Nearly a week after winning his second career Super Bowl, and telling reporters he planned to celebrate the Broncos 24-10 victory by, “Drinking a lot of Budweiser,” future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has been spotted wandering the streets of Denver, clearly inebriated with a “Foam Dome” on his head and partially consumed 12-pack under his arm while shouting “This Bud’s for you.”

While initially criticized for his seemingly inauthentic marketing plug, it appears that Manning was actually not only serious about drinking a lot of Budweisers to celebrate, but had decided to go on a full, several day long binge where he drank nothing but Budweiser.

His wife has reached out to media to express her concern. “When Peyton said his priorities were to kiss me and then drink a whole bunch of Budweiser, I thought he was just doing a promo bit because he owns some stake in the company,” Ashley Manning said while wiping away tears. “But as soon as he kissed me, he said, ‘Alright, honey, off to the liquor store’ and I haven’t seen him since.  Please, Peyton, if you’re seeing this, come home.  Your family misses you.”

It is conservatively estimated that, since Sunday, Manning has consumed over two cases of Budweiser, along with at least a dozen chicken Parmesan sandwiches.


Jeff GoodSmith