Just hours after leading his Broncos to a Super Bowl victory, Peyton Manning has his next opponent planned. Apparently Manning still has not shaken his lost ping pong match to 11-year-old Brady Adams from Haverhill, Mass. Manning lost several matches of ping pong to the grade-schooler while filming a past Nationwide commercial. Manning missed the Broncos post celebration and decided instead to start watching film.

Broncos teammate, Von Miller had noticed that Manning was livid during practice leading up the Super Bowl. “We were all focused on the Panthers, but Peyton kept muttering about that kid from the commercial. We weren’t sure where his head was at,” said Miller.

Eli Manning said after the game that Peyton was ‘locked-in.’ “This whole week Peyton was focused like I’ve never seen. Obviously I thought the Panthers had his attention but I was wrong. He kept telling me, ‘Brady’s next.’ I was confused because they just beat the Patriots. Soon I knew.”

Manning’s frustration boiled over during the commercial shoot as Adams kept talking smack. “Brady’s got four; how many do you have?” and “Why didn’t you call Omaha there?” After winning the final point, Adams swaggered and said, “Peyton loses to another Brady!” Manning then spiked the paddle and stormed out swearing redemption.

Miller added that Manning kept staring at the kid’s photo that was posted in his locker.