After an improbable string of NCAA tournament upsets have left most brackets busted after the first round, Cardinals fan Donald Derusso is one of the few Americans who still has a perfect bracket. When asked for his secret, Derusso credited his no-nonsense, oldschool approach to bracketology that he attributed to the St. Louis style of baseball he so strongly supports, as well as general inexperience and pure luck.

“You know, when I was trying to fill out my work bracket, I’ll be honest, I’d not seen a lot of NCAA basketball,” he said. “I don’t even like basketball that much, not similar enough to baseball. That’s a man’s game, at least it used to be, before the showboating. Anyway, I asked myself, looking at this bracket, what would the Cardinals do? And sure enough, here I am, with a perfect bracket, and I owe it all to the values I learned as a Cardinals fan.”

Derusso is very confident he will end up winning with his bracket, despite the fact he has UAB winning the national title because of their “grit and gumption.”

Jeff GoodSmith