Despite his incredible spring training numbers, Cubs phenom Kris Bryant will most likely begin the 2015 season in the minors. While many have suggested this is due to long-term contract implications, Cubs President Theo Epstein recently admitted it’s actually a Wrigley Field issue.

“The team has spent considerable money on renovating the bleachers, and the engineers are concerned that the constant barrage of towering Kris Bryant home runs may damage the integrity of the stadium and severely hamper the construction process,” said Epstein. “Obviously, safety is our top priority. So it is for that reason, and that reason alone, that we will wait to promote Kris to the big league club until the bleachers are deemed structurally sound.”

Added Epstein: “If that happens to coincide with a clause in his rookie deal that allows us to keep Kris out of free agency for another year, then hey, that’s just gravy.”