Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson made waves this week when he stated during an interview, “Gay marriage isn’t something I believe in.” The news apparently went to print too quickly, because Peterson wasn’t done listing the various things he doesn’t buy, which included his own team’s namesake.

“Vikings? Really? I mean, you ever seen a guy with horns on his head?” said Peterson. “Seems crazy to me. Don’t believe in it. And taxes. Taxes, too. But that’s because it’s against my religious beliefs, or something.”

Posts on Peterson’s personal blog have since added to the list. Yesterday a post was made that simply read, “Aliens (both kinds), Miracle Whip (just nasty mayo), Shakespeare, midgets and that Ted Mosby dude ain’t ever finding anybody’s mother.”

Former teammate, and LGBT advocate, Chris Kluwe admitted that he has tried to help Peterson be more compassionate, but met with zero results.

“I tried to explain to him that ‘gay marriage’ doesn’t mean he has to get gay married himself,” said Kluwe. “He just asked me if I’d ever seen a Dolphin.”

The Vikings have made no statement, but have since released Kluwe.

Bandwagon Dan