For the rest of us, it was just another day. For baseball fans, it was just another crosstown classic. For Blackhawks fans, it was everything. After the seventh inning stretch, with the Cubs leading 6-2 against the White Sox, for a moment there the most bitter and hateful of all sports rivalries seemed to fade, even for just an instant, as the crowd of 31,279 Chicago sports fans united in solidarity in their chant of “Detroit Sucks!”

“It was Denis Savard,” said one Cubs fan, wiping a tear from her eye. “He sang ‘take me out to the ballgame’ during the 7th Inning Stretch. He opened our eyes and made us see what was really important in this world. Not this simple game between two mediocre baseball teams, but the Stanley Cup! It’s really all about the Cup!”

White Sox fans were equally moved, forgetting their hatred for the north side and embracing the positive message that was in the air. “The Cubs Suck? Sure they suck. They will always suck. But look at the score. What do you want me to do? Its not about that. Its about the Blackhawks and all they mean to this city. Look at all of us…the jerseys are blue, the jerseys are black, but they all say ‘Chicago’!”

Arm in arm they swayed, their conjoined voices heralding “Detroit Sucks” to the heavens. A chant that could only have been answered as a prayer, as the Chicago Blackhawks squeaked out an overtime victory against the Detroit Red Wings securing their bid for the Stanley Cup and facing off against the Los Angeles Kings.  Fans in attendance at todays Crosstown Classic were sought out for interviews in order to personally attest to this miracle after the fact, but from what we could tell, they were either too drunk or had already gone home.