Tim Tebow has just been cut from the Jets and his agent’s phone has been ringing off the hook ever since. But it is not NFL teams that are calling to recruit the controversial quarterback. It is reality television producers calling to pitch show ideas to the failed football star. Some ideas coming from some not so regular reality outlets.

Rumor has it that Christian Television Network TLN has pitched a show in which Tebow travels the country helping people and preaching the gospel.

However, the current front-runner has to be a concept from reality heavyweight the E! network. The concept will pair recent reality show failure and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte with Tim Tebow to create a modern day odd couple of professional athletes. The show will center around the dating habits and hi-jinx of the two single attractive male athletes looking for love in the big city.

Lochte would play the carefree simpleton who’s just out to get laid against Tim Tebow the deeply moral and religious simpleton looking for the future Mrs. Tebow.

One reality producer described the show as a “competition between ChristainMingle.com and Fling.com. It’s gonna be huge.”

Matt H.