Bret Bielema admitted today that he took the head coaching job at Arkansas primarily because most of his wardrobe will transfer with him.

“Well, thankfully they’re the same colors, I don’t have to waste time shopping. Ain’t nobody got time for that,” said Bielema. “It’s an SEC school, so who cares if they’ve become even more of a joke while I’m there? I’d rather be a loser in the SEC than a winner by default in the Big Ten.”

Bielema’s coaching style does not really match up with what Arkansas has going on with their offense, defense or special teams, but that does not faze him. Arkansas was coached by Bobby Petrino who was once described as “a poor man’s Steve Spurrier” by Urban Meyer. The program went into a tail-spin after Petrino was fired this spring because of the infamous accident where he kept falling in and out of an intern.

Arkansas’ pass-happy offense will definitely have some adjusting to do before Bielema brings in the big uglies from up north in recruiting. When Bielema was informed that he couldn’t take the Badgers offensive line with him he quickly tried to get out of his new job saying “April Fools!” which was instantly seen through by all but Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, who thought it was April due to the weather.