People often poke fun at the seemingly random sporting events included in the Olympic Games. But, with the apocalypse looming this year, the obvious question becomes: where will all these Olympians stand once the world ends? Who makes the cut on your Olympic zombie-fighting team? Now is the time to determine which athletes have the skills to lead us in our fight against the ever-growing brains-hungry army and who will sit idly by, holding their ping-pong balls.

Here are our Olympic power rankings:

1. Brady Ellison, Archery
2. Mariel Zagunis, Fencing
3. Ashton Eaton, Javelin
4. Alex Morgan, Kicking
5. Kayla Harrison, Judo
6. Clarissa Chun, Wrestling
7. Allyson Felix, Running
8. Mclain Ward, Equestrian*
9. Missy Franklin, Swimming
10. Graham Biehl, Sailing
11. Bob Costas, Hosting/analyzing
12. McKayla Maroney, Vault
13. Jennifer Suhr, Pole vault
14. Amanda Smock, Triple jump
15. Christina Loukas, Diving
16. Kelci Bryant, Synchronized diving
17. Howard Bach, Badminton
18. Savannah Vinsant, Trampoline
19. Ryan Seacrest, Douchebaggery
20. John Nunn, Walk race

(*Applicable only if apocalypse does not eradicate horses.)

Bandwagon Dan