Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini was a bit embarrassed over the weekend as he was speaking to a Big Ten media gathering celebrating the one-year anniversary of Nebraska’s acceptance into the conference. Pelini — known for his fiery temper and his ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy — was pacing back and forth across the stage like he was giving a pre-game speech.

“And you know what?” he yelled to his rapt audience. “We’re plenty good enough to be in the Big Ten. We’ve got a lot of smart folks at this school. To the rest of the world, that ‘N’ on our helmets may stand for Nebraska. To us, it stands for ‘nowledge.'”

There was a stunned silence as reporters looked at one another and a few pulled out their phones. Coach Pelini was taken off stage by Nebraska athletic director and former coach Tom Osborne, who said Pelini had a recruiting trip he had to start if the ‘Huskers were going to win their division–he couldn’t remember if it was the Legends or the Leaders–next year.