Since signing with the Bulls for $80 million over five years, Carlos Boozer has been eager to show Chicago he has been worth the money. Unfortunately, due to poor defense and gym bags supposedly scattered about, Boozer has not lived up to the hype.

Recently Boozer has been wearing a hard hat and carrying around a lunch pail onto the court in attempt to earn favor with Chicago’s blue collar fan base.

Taj Gibson has been understandably upset that Boozer has been trying to steal his thunder.

“Last Saturday [Carlos] told me he was jealous that I get to play in the fourth quarter,” said Gibson. “After attempting to pull some kinda Temple of Doom heart trick, he just came back the next day looking like one of the village people.”

Bulls television announcer, and provider of nicknames, Stacey King is a little sceptic:

“This is great that Boozer is trying to look the part, but now was we’re seeing is copycats,” said King. “In the locker room yesterday Hot Sauce Korver was carrying around baby onions, and at the Berto, the Turkish Hammer Asik is starting to wear a tool belt. Carlos just needs to go back to screaming and faking like he knows how to guard someone.”

Brew Dreesus