Despite nearly breaking Barry Sanders’ NCAA record for TDs in a season, Montee Ball is barely on the radar for Heisman candidate. Experts agree that maybe he Ball would have scored 50 or 60 TDs this year instead of only 38, he might be favored over the likes of Alabama’s Trent Richardson, Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.

“Yes, Montee Ball’s 38 touchdowns this season is very impressive,” said ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. “But Ball had nearly 300 touches this season. That’s 240 times he didn’t score. People need to remember that.”

Herbstreit added that perhaps if Ball scored “more like 50 or 60” TDs this season he would be a Heisman favorite.

Ball scored at least two TDs in each of Wisconsin’s 13 games this season, and scored four TDs in two games. Despite this monstrous output, experts aren’t giving Ball much of a chance at the Heisman.

“Wisconsin has one of the best offensive lines in college football,” said ESPN’s Lee Corso, speaking through a giant Alabama elephant mascot. “That’s five guys making life a heck of a lot easier for Montee Ball. Maybe if the Heisman could go to six guys from the same team, I’d consider Ball as a candidate, but until then he’s just a guy who’s scored 15 more touchdowns than the Heisman favorite.”