Friends of Blackhawks fan Darrell Bachmann are convinced his girlfriend Staci Johnston is having an affair with Viktor Stalberg based on the wide variety of intimate details she knows about the Swedish-born Chicago winger.

“The other night we were out at a bar and she started going on and on about how Stalberg is her favorite player ever, which was new to me because I thought she resented Darrell for how much he loved hockey,” said one friend of the couple.”She said she met Stalberg at a fan fest Darrell dragged her to and found him really interesting.”

The friend got a little suspect when Johnston kept going on and on about Stalberg, saying that he’s got three Golden Retrievers that shed a lot and are kind of shy until they get to know you. She claimed to have read it somewhere but the friend wasn’t convinced and was afraid Bachmann would be crushed at the prospect of his long-term girlfriend having an affair with a member of his favorite sports franchise.

According to the friend, the conversation only grew worse.

“Then she said his favorite number is 25 obviously because it’s on his jersey but then she added that the security code to his apartment is 25-25-25-25, which I thought was super weird because there’s no chance you’d read that on some hockey blog,” said the friend. “Yeah, she’s definitely sleeping with Stalberg.”