Two media phenomenons collided today when a blogger posted a sexually suggestive headline about Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian for no other reason than to drive traffic to his blog and hopefully break the Internet.

Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian involved in sex scandal?!?” Jessie Purington posted to his blog that normally averages only a few visitors a day. The post then speculated on the likelihood of the two celebrities ever hooking up, with the author acknowledging he had no reason to believe Tebow and Kardashian had ever met, much less had a physical relationship.

“I’ve devoted countless hours to this stupid web site and all I’ve ever gotten is a few emails from my mom saying it’s cute but pointing out typos,” said Purington. “So if posting something about a speculative sexual encounter between two people no one can seem to get enough of can’t drive some traffic and maybe even break the Internet, I’ll probably just start posting videos of cats playing the piano and see what comes of that.”