While Ndamukong Suh’s teammates have defended his dirty play on the field, some of them are starting to get “a little freaked out” by the headless bobblehead collection in the combustible tackle’s locker.

“I know he’s just trying to be intense and everything, but tearing the heads off dolls? That’s just sick, man,” said fellow defensive lineman Cliff Avril. “And dunking the heads in ketchup and eating them like chicken nuggets? Gross.”

Suh defended the collection, saying removing their heads happened as “part of opening the package.”

“Look, I’ve been tearing boxes open since I was a kid,” he said. “I can’t help it if the heads always come off and then I have to eat them.”

Many members of the Lions have also begun to worry about Suh’s practice habit of breaking his own teammates’ legs “just to see what happens.”

Heckler George