Will Amar’e Stoudemire make the jump from worst supporting knees to best supporting actor? Do A-Rod and Tex have what it takes to crack the Hollywood elite? Can Michael Strahan sink a jump shot? Judging from this week’s episode of “Entourage,” the answer to these questions seems to be a resounding, “Yes.”

Cameos by the rich and famous are nothing new for “Entourage.” Major figures in the sports world such as Mark Cuban and LeBron James have been featured in the past, but never has the show boasted a roster of New York’s finest athletes.

“Turtle is my boy, so when he asked me to do a guest spot, I couldn’t say no,” explained an enthusiastic Michael Strahan, apparently believing the scripted show to be real life. The role was Strahan’s first since his sitcom “Brothers” was cancelled due to what critics called “horrendous acting.”

The Giants weren’t the only New York institution represented, as Yankees stars Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera, flexed their acting chops.

“Mark was a little wooden, but Alex is a natural,” said a former Texas Rangers teammate. “Alex has been acting like a real human being for 15 years now.”

A-Rod is believed to have caught the bug from his current girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, along with other unspecified medical conditions.

Superstar Knick, Amar’e Stoudemire, who has become a big fan of the Broadway scene since signing in New York, had to seek permission from his Rabbi to utter his dialogue.

“There was an F-bomb in there,” said Stat. “Rabbi Klein signed off when he heard it was for ‘Entourage.’ He’s a big Ari fan.”

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was also slated to show up, but talks fell through when he prematurely awarded himself an Emmy.