After months of crushing on’s Cubs beat reporer Carrie Muskat, outfielder Tony Campana was finally able to get a note passed to her that read “I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

Chicago Tribune Cubs beat reporter Paul Sullivan agreed to give Muskat the note after losing a bet to Campana.

“[Campana] likes to make those crazy kid bets all the time when he’s bored and being annoying and looking for attention,” said Sullivan. “Like when he first got to the big leagues he bet me he could hold his breath ‘for infinity’ and then passed out after about two minutes.”

To appease Campana, Sullivan turned the tables and bet the speedster that he could not steal 13 bases for the Cubs.

“And I stole my 13th base tonight!” an excited Campana said after the Cubs 3-1 loss to the Washington Nationals Tuesday night.

Sullivan handed Muskat the note just prior to manager Mike Quade’s postgame press conference. Campana watched eagerly from outside the media room.

Muskat read the note and then stared in confusion at Sullivan, who mouthed “I’m sorry” from a few seats away. She then crumpled up the note and left it on the floor.

Campana, though, remains undeterred. “I’m gonna wait until she’s watching during warm ups and run really fast by her,” he said. “She’ll think I’m cool because I’m fast.”

Tim Baffoe