In order to try to break another stretch of bad losses and brighten the atmosphere in a gloomy Mets clubhouse, majority owner Fred Wilpon recently announced the team’s home and road jersey colors will be changed to blue and white in order match the crosstown rival Yankees. This change was presumably made to try to get the Mets to imitate some of the success the Yankees franchise has had in its long, rich history.

“Sure our jerseys are fine now and yes we are going to keep some of them as alternate jerseys, but the truth is our team stinks and the only way I can think of to make it better is to change our main jersey colors to those of a successful team like the Yankees,” Wilpon said during an interview at a Father’s Day barbeque. “There is no player or players that I, as GM, can try to trade for to help this team right now. By the way, if you could pass the A1 sauce for my steak. It would be greatly appreciated.”

Manager Terry Collins was in support of the jersey change and also added in that the Mets jerseys with the old colors will be sold in an auction to help pay for the combined $18 million the team still owes former players Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

Separately, during his interview Wilpon he was watching “Avatar” on his flat-screen TV, even though the Mets were playing the Angels at the time, saying “Even I can’t stand watching Jason Bay anymore.”

By Josh Burton

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