First-year Seahawks coach Pete Carroll parachuted from a very successful tenure at USC last February right before the Trojans got hit with hefty NCAA sanctions for improper benefits received by star RB Reggie Bush during the 2004 season. Old habits have proven to die hard as Carroll this week attempted to pay RB Marshawn Lynch $10,000 as a reward for his outstanding play in the team’s playoff win over the Saints last week.

“In sports, just like life, you have to reward your top performers,” Carroll said with his arm around Lynch after practice earlier this week. “That’s why I’d like you to keep this.”

Carroll then handed Lynch a white envelope with 100 $100 bills in it. Lynch, who’s made nearly $8 million in salary during his short four-year NFL career wasn’t quite sure what to say.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” said Lynch after the incident. “Coach kept saying that he was doing things the Trojan way. I felt bad telling him I am nearly as rich as he is so I had to keep it.”

Plus, Lynch added “It sure beats stealing it.”