The Chicago baseball convention season is upon us and tickets have been slow to sell for both teams in town. The Cubs are pressing ahead with their convention to tout their acquisitions of the mediocre players from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox, however, are taking a different approach altogether.

GM Kenny Williams made the announcement today.

“With the bad economy, tickets have been slow to sell,” he said. “So, we decided to scale it back a bit. It will now consist of Jerry Reinsdorf hoisting our World Series trophy outside of the Cubs Convention for three days. This is going to be the best SoxFest ever.”

The announcement came as a shock to the handful of Cubs fans actually looking forward to this weekend’s events.

“It’s stupid,” said Steve Bergman of Evanston. “The Sox should just let us have our convention. Our free-agent, poor-fielding, strikeout-machine first baseman is better than theirs anyway.”

When asked if he thought Cubs fans would be upset about this year’s SoxFest, Kenny Williams replied, “I hope so.”

“It epitomizes what the White Sox organization is all about: hating the Cubs. To be honest with you, the only reason we won a World Series was to stick it in the face of Cubs fans forever. It’s going to be great.”

By Rob Winn