Rangers owner Tom Hicks recently asked local icon Nolan Ryan to be the team’s new president this week and word is that the agreement will also see him inserted as the fifth man in the rotation.

Ryan–currently in his last year as the Astros’ special assistant to the GM–could spark local team interest to a level unseen since his retirement in ’93.

“Bringing Nolan on as publicity stunt worked back in ’89,” said Hicks. “Why can’t it work now?”

The 60-year old Ryan is expected to give a needed boost to the rotation and the front office.

“I can probably go out there and give a solid five innings 15 to 20 times this year,” said Ryan. “More importantly, I’m going keep that whippersnapper [GM Jon] Daniels from making more stupid trades.”

Daniels–barely 30 years old–seemed stumped when asked about the potential hire.

“Who is this Nolan Ryan guy?” Daniels said “Will I be able to trade him to the Nationals for a bunch of guys no one’s ever heard of?”