News flash: the Bulls suck.

There is just no lighter way to put that and frankly, that could not even be considered editorializing considering how high the expectations were for a team that is currently 17-26.

No liberal media bias here–we’re dealing with cold-hard facts.

Case in point, the Bulls lost both weekend games at home: 90-77 against the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday and 88-77 against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday. Fact: Neither loss is surprising given how this season has been going.

But here’s the real surprise of the season: the Bulls celebrated their 71st consecutive sold-out stadium on Sunday. That means that on any given night the Bulls are at home, approximately 22,000 people have 1) nothing better to do, and 2) more money than they know what to do with.

After Sunday’s latest pathetic loss, Bulls general manager John Paxson was at a loss to explain the streak.

“It’s an unexplained phenomenon,” Paxson said. “I guess this city just loves mediocrity.”

Number of the Weekend: 2

Bulls players named Ben Gordon and Luol Deng who are now seriously regretting not signing their huge extensions at the beginning of the season.