Cowboys owner Jerry Jones–in a move that’s sure to downplay any news regarding his team’s front office moves–has announced his next facelift will be broadcast on an upcoming episode of the E! Network’s “Dr. 90210.”

The Beverly Hills-based practice of Dr. Robert Rey profiled in the series typically shows young self-centered women but E! Creative Director Mark Sampson says the network is excited about the opportunity to feature what he calls a “different brand of narcissism.”

Jones said the procedure is needed to erase the trauma a typical Cowboys’ season wages against his appearance.

“By the end of the season, I typically look 10 years older,” said Jones. “So come season’s end, I like to pull my face back, so to speak.”

This will mark the fifth straight February Jones has had plastic surgery. This year’s lineup calls for his second facelift, fourth tummy tuck and an initial try at a chemical peel.

Dr. Rey sees this episode as a public service announcement of sorts.

“We usually fill our shows with young Playmates,” said Rey. “Buy this illustrates that we provide a service for the wrinkled old ‘Hefners’ of the worlds too.”

In addition to the “Dr. 90210” episode, E! will present a “True Hollywood Story” dedicated to the Cowboys owner. Jones is also already in talks to broadcast future surgeries on FX’s “Nip/Tuck” and on ABC’s yet-to-debut series “Extreme Makeover: Old Man Edition.”