When the L.A. Lakers dropped by the American Airlines Center for a visit and a 112-105 loss Friday, Mavericks players watched Kobe Bryant force his will on the game.

Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson are some of the Association’s elite players who can control a game according to Dallas coach Avery Johnson.

When asked if the Mavericks have a player like that, Johnson responded said no. Dirk Nowitzki was livid, claiming he is in that elite category.

“Das ist was Deutsch machen, das ist in unserer natur, zu übernehmen,” Nowitzki said in his native German. “Wenn Avery sein Geschäft nicht bedenkt, gehe ich zu blitzkrieg seines ein–.” (Translates to: “That’s what Germans do, that’s in our nature to take over.” If Avery doesn’t mind his business, I’m going to blitzkrieg his a–.”)

The Mavericks are doing better since the Johnson-Nowitzki feud went public and Nowitzki declared he was “going native,” and returning to his European ways. Since Nowitzki traded in his sneakers for Bierkenstocks, the Mavericks have gone 9-2 in January.