New England Patriots 31   Jacksonville Jaguars 20
Ho-hum, the Patriots win again. Tom Brady was nearly perfect, completing 26-28 passes with three TDs. In his career, Brady has a 13-2 postseason record.

With the game tied at 14 at the half, Jacksonville gave NFL fans a reason to stay tuned in but could only manage two second-half field goals. That’s not going to get it done versus New England–it was a nice try, however.

The Heckler’s Prediction: Pats 100 – Jags 0
I still believe the Patriots could’ve beat the Jaguars by 100 if they really wanted.

San Diego Chargers 28   Indianapolis Colts 24
The defending champs are out thanks to an impressive effort by Chargers reserves, quarterback Billy Volek and running backs Michael Turner and Darren Sproles. Volek led San Diego’s offense to a game-winning drive and scored the go ahead touchdown.

The Colts looked unstoppable early and were on their way to a 14-0 lead but the Chargers were able to stay in the game when Indy wide receiver Marvin Harrison fumbled.

The Heckler’s Prediction: Colts 34, Bolts 24
I never thought Peyton Manning would lose a home playoff game in the prime of his career. Credit goes to the Chargers defense that made plays when needed, including two interceptions.

Peyton can now join his parents in a skybox next week to watch his brother, Eli and the Giants in the NFC Championship game.

Green Bay Packers 42      Seattle Seahawks 20 
Seattle took advantage of two Ryan Grant fumbles and took an early 14-0 lead. Then the conditions turned ugly, as the snow fell and Grant redeemed himself, rushing for over 200 yards, three TDs.

After the Grant fumbles, Seattle’s offense stunk, kicking just two field goals in the final three quarters.

The Heckler’s Prediction: Hawks 33, Pack 28
I thought if there was one man capable of putting together a game-plan to win at Lambeau Field in the playoffs, it would be ex-Packers head coach Mike Holmgren. Instead, Holmgren’s genius offensive mind relied on the passing game, attempting only 18 rushing plays despite an early lead.

 New York Giants 21    Dallas Cowboys 17 
Wow. The Cowboys did not look this bad all season long–even against the Patriots.

Instead of spending the bye week in Mexico with his ditzy pin-cushion, Jessica Simpson, perhaps Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo should have been watching tape of the New York Giants.

The key was the Giants defensive line pressuring Romo all day long. When he wasn’t throwing incomplete passes, Romo was running for his life.

The Heckler’s Prediction: Boys 30, G-Men 17
I can’t stand it when the better team loses. If this game were to be played 10 more times, Dallas would win every single time. The NFL is known for the “any given Sunday” cliché and the Giants proved it to be true in the most important game of their season.

Romo has fallen flat on his face in his two playoff appearances. The loss gives him an extended off-season to spend his newly signed $65.5 million contract on his girlfriend.

By Jon Redmond