Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hey procrastinators! Here’s the perfect last-minute gift idea

Nothing says "Happy Holidays! I didn't care enough to actually buy you something tangible, but I did care enough to buy you something you can later use to buy something awesome" like a Gift Card from Get yours today!

The Cubs Fan’s Guide To Happiness — Get your copy!

Originally published in 2007, The Cubs Fan's Guide To Happiness is back with an updated edition for 2014. The book reveals what makes Cubs fans tick and what keeps them happy. It explains why it’s not over until you’re mathematically eliminated, why winning really isn’t everything, and why it’s perfectly acceptable to blame all your troubles on a scapegoat, which may or may not be an actual goat.

Time to pick up a Grandpa Rossy ‘Get Off My Lawn’ shirt

Late last week we posted a Grandpa Rossy sketch by Charles Baruffi, a talented designer friend of ours. Quite a few people asked for it on a T-shirt. Well, now you've got your wish. Exclusively in, it's the "Get Off My Lawn" shirt. Get it here!