Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cutler trade may cause shutdown of Bears Quarterback Carousel

Today the city is mourning the apparent demise of the beloved Bears Quarterback Carousel.

Tebow memoirs to begin at conception

Responding to critics who say he’s far too young to have completed actual memoirs, Broncos QB Tim Tebow says the narrative of his autobiographical book will begin at the moment of his conception.

Nation finally gets to wear all those Tebow jerseys it bought

Shortly after being drafted by the Broncos this spring Tim Tebow's jersey rocketed to the top of the NFL sales chart where it's remained ever since. Sunday Tebow started his first game, finally giving the country a chance to wear all those No. 15 Broncos jerseys it's purchased.

Book of Revelation interpretation reveals Tim Tebow will return to Florida as Jacksonville’s starting...

According to Revelation 59, verse 15: “And the mighty jungle cats shall cut free its once leader of men. But descending from the western lands shall appear a fearless entity, a man from the lush sunshine state returning in all his glory. And he shall lead the lynx to glory and prominence, carrying his people on his back, plowing through obstacles with his mighty legs, and whipping all enemies with his unorthodox throwing motion.”

Brady Quinn buys billboard in support of himself

Amidst the news that a group of Tim Tebow fans were planning to purchase billboard advertisements in an effort to sway Broncos coach John Fox’s decision on which quarterback to start, second string QB Brady Quinn decided to buy a billboard of his own.

Orton booed while ordering food at Denver Wendy’s

"Listen, if Tim Tebow ordered that meal, he'd go with a Spicy Chicken sandwich meal," said one frustrated fan who witnessed the incident. "Maybe he'd even get chili as a side. That's the kind of order that inspires leadership. That’s the kind of order that can push a team to victory."

Slideshow: Tebow’s move to starter prompts other Broncos fan billboards

"It was great that Coach Fox heeded our advice on the Timmy Tebow situation," said Bill Bennett, president of Broncos Fans With Too Much Time and Money on Their Hands. “Now we’d like him to start considering some other moves.”