Amidst the news that a group of Tim Tebow fans were planning to purchase billboard advertisements in an effort to sway Broncos coach John Fox’s decision on which quarterback to start, second string QB Brady Quinn decided to buy a billboard of his own.

“Nobody else was going to do it. I mean, sometimes I feel like I’m invisible,” said Quinn to a reporter, who left the room without responding. “Orton, Tebow, Orton, Tebow. People do realize there’s a second stringer on the depth chart, right?”

Following the advice of his agent, Quinn purchased a billboard in downtown Denver to advertise the simple slogan, “What about Brady???”

“I really think the multiple question marks drive it home,” he said. “Wait … I probably should have put ‘Quinn’ on there since nobody even knows who I am. Darnit!”

Heckler George