Beleaguered Broncos QB Kyle Orton faced additional criticism from fans Thursday as was booed mercilessly while attempting to order a hamburger at a local Wendy’s fast food restaurant. Orton’s order once again found him in the center of fans’ frustrations, as his choice of a quarter-pound single burger was blasted for being too “conservative.”

“Listen, if Tim Tebow ordered that meal, he’d go with a Spicy Chicken sandwich meal,” said one frustrated fan who witnessed the incident. “Maybe he’d even get chili as a side. That’s the kind of order that inspires leadership. That’s the kind of order that can push a team to victory.”

The incessant booing rattled Orton, who fumbled his tray on the way to the garbage can. It was immediately scooped up by a patron wearing a Raiders jersey, who ran it back all the way to the opposite trash bin.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith