Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tebow’s visit to Bears’ locker room miraculously heals Forte and Cutler

In a shocking turn of events that has rejuvenated the playoff hopes of the Bears, Broncos QB Tim Tebow has managed to heal RB Matt Forte and QB Jay Cutler during a visit to the visitors' clubhouse before Sunday's game in Denver.

Poll reveals most Americans believe Tebow is Broncos only player

"It was shocking to see that not only can most Americans name Tebow as the only player they know on the Broncos," said Jake Stanton, the researcher who conducted the survey, "but they apparently also believe he is the only player on the Broncos."

‘Tim Tebow-Kim Kardashian sex scandal’-headline written just to try to break the Internet

Two media phenomenons collided today when a blogger posted a sexually suggestive headline about Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian for no other reason than to drive traffic to his blog and hopefully break the Internet.

Tebow seen out with Kristin Cavallari

Tim Tebow is already taking over the NFL, but now it appears he's trying to take over for Jay Cutler as the main squeeze of Kristin Cavallari. The two were seen out and about in downtown Denver Tuesday afternoon much to the surprise of anyone who follows any of the young celebrities involved.

Eli to Tebow: ‘Where’s your God now?’

“That was all me, Elisha Nelson Manning, No. 10 in your scorecard and No. 1 in your hearts, no divine intervention here,” screamed the Giants QB as he ran on the field to celebrate with his teammates. “Blasphemy be damned. Come at me bro!”

NFL to investigate allegations that Marion Barber is being paid off by the Lions

Rather than spending the week investigating another illegal hit, NFL officials will look into allegations that Bears RB Marion Barber is being paid to tank by the Lions who are battling Chicago for a Wild Card spot.

Tebow declares Barber new savior after seeing him crucified in press

Following his two game-losing blunders Sunday, Bears running back Marion Barber was mercilessly crucified by local and national media. Countless fans also joined in the hysteria now that the chances of watching the Bears get annihilated in the playoffs appear to be slim.