As Tebowmania continues its frenzied pitch, a recent poll revealed that the vast majority of Americans are blissfully unaware that the Broncos QB shares a place on the team’s roster with 52 teammates rather than serving as its only player every week.

“It was shocking to see that not only can most Americans name Tebow as the only player they know on the Broncos,” said Jake Stanton, the researcher who conducted the survey, “but they apparently also believe he is the only player on the Broncos.”

Stanton said that because Tebow was the only Broncos player the media ever talks about, most respondents to his survey believed he was in fact their only player.

“One guy said he thought Tebow must have found a way to throw the ball to himself and even make tackles on defense because he saw footage of Tebow tackling someone,” said Stanton. “What the guy didn’t realize was that Tebow was tackling an opposing defender who picked off another wobbly pass from the Chosen One.”