Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Del Negro hastily calls two timeouts during press conference announcing his return as Clippers...

A clearly flustered and unprepared Vinny Del Negro met with members of the press Tuesday to announce his return as head coach of the Clippers for the 2012-2013 season.

Vinny Del Negro shocks NBA by designing his first play

According to reports, Del Negro locked himself in the bathroom at the Staples Center for over seven hours. When he emerged, he outlined an isolation play for Blake Griffin, shocking his teammates.

Clippers sue Los Angeles barber shop of same name

One week after requesting their most loyal and beloved fan, “Clipper Darrell," remove the “Clipper” from his name, the Los Angeles Clippers legal team is officially back on the war path and declaring mutiny on anyone and anything that dares use their name without permission.

Shaq miffed at Blake Griffin for stealing his pathetic free throw percentage

Never one to shy away from a public feud -- most famously with Kobe Bryant and most recently with Dwight Howard -- it appears Shaquille O'Neal has his dander up again, and this time it's Blake Griffin earning the ire of the Big Contrarian.

After dunk, Perkins to hospital, Griffin incarcerated for assault

Kendrick Perkins spent the evening in a Los Angeles hospital after Blake Griffin mounted a thunderous dunk over the entire body of the Oklahoma City center.

NBA considering massive rule changes to further gift-wrap a franchise turnaround for Clippers

Stern revealed the NBA had conducted several impartial focus groups in which the topic of Blake Griffin receiving three or even as many as 10 points for a single dunk was discussed.

Clippers to raise banner commemorating win over Lakers in 9th game of season

The banner will be the first of any kind for the embattled franchise, and will commemorate the Clippers' 102-94 victory over the Lakers on January 14, 2012.