Friday, August 19, 2022

Heckler Comic: Football no longer king in Texas?

Thanks to the lockout and a hot start for the Rangers, Jerry J might have some competition in Texas.

National magazine gives Cowboys ‘Doodie Award’; says Josh Hamilton is A-OK

“Highlights for Children” magazine announced it cannot recommend that children root for the Dallas Cowboys in 2009.

Rangers get rid of ugly helmets; can’t get rid of ugly relief pitching

The Texas Rangers can't get rid of bad pitching as fast as they can bad fashion choices.

Rangers GM finds new pitcher during shopping trip to Big Lots

Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was shopping Friday at Big Lots in Southlake and picked up Kris Benson off the shelf in the pitcher's aisle of the store.

Texas Rangers release 2009 television broadcast schedule

Run and hide, or start drinking heavily, because the Texas Rangers released their 2009 television schedule on Friday.

Morning News, Star Telegram to tag team Rangers coverage

After Texas Rangers beat writers from the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Dallas Morning News suffered hysterical blindness after watching Monday’s preseason workout, publishers from both newspapers announced they would be combining their Rangers coverage to save on employee health insurance premiums.