“Highlights for Children” magazine announced it cannot recommend that children root for the Dallas Cowboys in 2009.

The Cowboys won Doodie award even though owner/general manager Jerry Jones and coach Wade Phillips both promised a more disciplined team, and have seemingly made good on their promises by getting rid of Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson. Tight end Martellus Bennett was fined $22,000 for a profanity laced rap video that aired on YouTube.

“You have to think of the impressionable children,” Robby Dupree, Highlights for Children spokesman said. “Jerry Jones has a history of going after players from the University of Arkansas, and former Hogs quarterback Matt Jones is a free agent, and the rumor is he’s going to be a Cowboy.”

The Carolina Panthers released Matt Jones after he was suspended for substance abuse by the NFL. In the offseason, Matt Jones failed an alcohol test and was released by the club. His trial on charges of cocaine possession will take place in July.

“We understand Jerry’s loyalty to his alma mater,” Dupree said. “We just cannot recommend rooting for the Cowboys until Jerry Jones starts employing players on his team that are worthy of being role models.”

Highlights for Children” was created in 1946 with the belief that children are intelligent and excited when given an option to learn.

Dupree added that Texas Rangers center/right fielder Josh Hamilton was added to the magazine’s “Dudes you can look up to” list after he recently fought his addiction to, and was able to quit using, spit tobacco.

Josh has tattoos, and his past is well documented, but he does ‘walk the walk’ as he battles to be a good role model for impressionable children,” Dupree said. “Besides, the stuff he did would kill most people, and he doesn’t mind telling anyone who’ll listen, ‘Don’t do it.’ ”


heckler editorial staff