Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NFL beat: Panthers owner delivers on promise of avoiding mediocrity by being way worse...

Panthers owner David Tepper made a promise to fans this season that he would not stand for the constant mediocrity that has plagued the Panthers organization since its inception in 1995.

NFL decides not to award Lombardi Trophy after awful Super Bowl

"Concussions. Arrests. Even those HGH rumors. This brutal display of athletics on the game's biggest stage has done more to tarnish our sport than any of those other issues," said commissioner Roger Goodell. "Hell, the fact I'm still running this league should be the most embarrassing part of today's festivities. But now? Nope. Not even close."

Super Bowl 50 Bingo Board (Downloadable)

The big game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers is finally here. Will it be Peyton's last? Can Coldplay make it the full halftime set without an instrument malfunction? Play and/or drink along with The Heckler's Super Bowl 50 Bingo Board.

Jim Nantz excited to incorrectly use the word ‘dab’ during Super Bowl

"I've been hearing a lot about how the young kids like the dabbing nowadays, and I think they'll really feel pretty 'dabbed' about hearing a hip, cool announcer using their 'lingo' during the biggest television event of the year," Nantz was overheard telling a young intern with a media pass.

Fantasy gurus upgrade Cam Newton’s bye week as ‘sleeper pick’ compared to rest of...

Fantasy football specialists across the country run the risk of pleasing or disappointing millions of followers each week. When each supposed “expert” makes his picks, literally millions of fantasy football players are hanging onto every word. That’s why this week, fantasy gurus everywhere are elated at the proposition that Cam Newton has to sit out.

Cam Newton’s father admits his son has been given millions in cash to play...

Following a record-breaking debut by rookie QB Cam Newton Sunday, the Carolina Panthers were rocked by allegations that Cam's father Cecil Newton sought substantial sums of money in return for his son playing for a major professional team.

Peppers regrets leaving Panthers, says Chicago BBQ sucks

As the Bears approach the close of the 2010 season, many players are reflected on changes in the past year. Key off-season free agent acquisition Julius Peppers has been an anchor of one of the toughest defenses in the league, but the lucrative contract-signing came one critical mistake for the North Carolina native who was forced to leave his favorite barbecue restaurants behind in the Carolinas.